Most years, there are more potential buyers than there are homes available. So, if you decide to sell your home, you shouldn’t have any trouble selling the property. However, how much will it go for? How fast will it sell? How many offers will you get?

Making your home as attractive as possible will get you more attention. A bidding war doesn’t just help you sell your home faster. It can also drive up the asking price, so you make more money. That’s why it’s crucial to know the home features buyers want more than others.


Dedicated laundry rooms are in demand right now. Some homes have laundry machines in a closet, behind a double door, or even stacked up in a bathroom. Such possibilities make efficient use of space, but home buyers want a place where they can keep dirty clothes out of sight until they are clean and folded.

Exterior lighting is another vast improvement that buyers are looking for in homes. They want their future homes to look beautiful at night. Not only that, there is the safety that comes from having an illuminated lawn. That can not only prevent burglary and trespassing but also keep people from tripping on your sidewalk or driveway.

Energy & Appliances

Energy efficiency is also very much in demand right now on the housing market. People care about the global environment more than ever, but they also want to save money on their power bills. Energy efficiency can happen through improved lighting, new appliances, and adequately insulating or replacing windows and doors.

Double kitchen sinks are a huge trend. It means there can be one sink for food prep and one for cleaning dishes. Some families might use separate sinks for cleaning dishes and then rinsing them. A few might even store their drying pots and pans in the left sink and leave them there for easy access the next day. Rather than judge, give them the convenience that they crave.

With many home improvements, you won’t get back the money you invest in the property. However, without updating your home, you may wait a long time to sell it, and you’d have to settle for a price much lower than you like. Use these plus other features buyers want to make the most of the market.