John Gavin Laguna Beach’s

Real Estate Resume

John Gavin Laguna Beach is a man of many skills, most notably in the art of sales and negotiation tactics. John has succeeded in the software and hardware sales industry for decades because of his natural abilities in navigating this competitive and complex landscape.

John Gavin has a lengthy, impressive resume. He held the position of President and Chief Operating Officer of Southland MicroSystems, Inc. for 11 years. During this time, in addition to honing his senior management abilities, John gained valuable industry experience and mentored upcoming employees and executives, getting a foothold in the field of networking and computer hardware and software sales.




President and Chief Operating Officer
Southland MicroSystems, Inc.
John taught incoming workers about the networking and computer hardware and software industry, in addition to polishing his senior management skills. His time spent with the firm was invaluable, and he took those lessons along with him as his career advanced.



University of New Hampshire
B.A. in English and American History

Volunteer Experience


Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America
John Gavin has long been recognized for his strong sense of community and his willingness to assist others, particularly children.

Shooting Stars
Volunteer Lacrosse Coach

Victory Lacrosse
Volunteer Lacrosse Coach

Laguna Beach Little League
Volunteer Lacrosse Coach